Holistic Aftercare

Prior to any treatments, you should complete a consultation form and advise of any contra-indications or cautions prior to the treatment taking place, including your medical history, any illnesses and medication that you are currently taking.

Clients should avoid eating a heavy meal both before and after the proposed treatment.

Following any treatments, we recommend clients avoid any strenuous activities so that they achieve maximum effectiveness of the treatment.

Clients should avoid consuming drugs, alcohol and caffeine following the treatment. We recommend clients should consume plenty of water to aid in the release of toxins from the body.

We advise clients of any contra-actions prior to treatment and reiterate the aforementioned aftercare advice. However, if clients experience any changes following the treatment, they should get in touch with their treating practitioner for further information and advice.

Lash Aftercare

Your individual Technicians/Therapists will provide you with individual aftercare advice following your treatment.

To secure the longevity of your lash extensions, the following simple instructions will assist in your lashes looking fuller for longer:

1. Try not to get your lash extension wet. Avoid saunas, swimming, showers and hot tubs.

2. Do not use sun beds.

3. Do not touch or excessively brush.

4. If you wear contacts, please leave 24 hours prior to reinserting them.

5. Eyelashes should not be permed or tinted 72 hours prior to application.

6. Be gentle with your lashes, avoiding rubbing or touching.

7. Be extra vigilant when applying creams or removing make-up. Use oil-free products were possible.

8. Do not use mascara of any form.

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