Athena Bond (Banana Scented)

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Athena Bond ™️ the first Lash adhesive by Goddess Emporium.

Inspired by goddess Athena, known for her wisdom and strength this amazing banana scented adhesive formula bonds lashes for up to 8 weeks and is for the experienced lash artist that needs a fast drying adhesive.

The thin consistency and rapid dry time makes Mega Volume Lashing and fanning so much faster and easier, ensuring perfect attachment & keeping those beautiful handmade fans perfectly open.

Athena Bond works well in higher humidity conditions. It’s is a game changer and we are proud to have seen some amazing results as one of the best retention adhesives on the market.

The Goddess formula significantly helps to reduce time and amount of work with your sets and fills. This glue has been tried and tested by our award winning lash educators for the past 18 months & when paired with our “Goddess Super bonder ™️” has proven to to give excellent retention results!

Lashes have never looked and smelt so good! Goddess Lash Power

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Weight 15 g