Goddess Lash Retention Course (PDF Download)

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Goddess Lash Retention Course – For Qualified Lash Professionals

At The Goddess Emporium we want all our clients to be 100% satisfied with their lashes. Not only when they leave the salon, but also for weeks after their appointments. Ideally, clients’ lashes should be looking luscious and feeling as soft as ever even 7/8 weeks after they had the extensions fitted.

Kate has been inspired to write this course as she knows a lot of lash technicians face retention issues and as a result, sometimes find it difficult to retain their customers. Failing to retain customers is clearly extremely damaging to a business.

Through this downloadable PDF course, we’ll be looking into the reasons for and indicators of bad retention and will also provide an in-depth discussion surrounding cyanoacrylate adhesives and their ability to create strong bonds between the natural lashes and the extensions.

We hope this course will be an extremely helpful tool for all lash specialists.



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