Terms & Conditions


Goddess Emporium products are intended for professional purposes only, and must be applied by a qualified Eyelash Technician. Before purchasing, ensure your Eyelash Technician is certified to conform to the highest level of quality training.

The Buyer confirms that:

(a) Products purchased from Goddess Emporium are to be used for their intended purpose and these products should be used only by those qualified to do so to avoid accidental injury. 

(b) Applying lash extensions to your own eyelashes should not be attempted as this may result in discomfort and/or injury.

(c) Products purchased from Goddess Emporium should not be exposed to extreme temperatures. This may cause changes to the product which may make the product unsuitable for use.

(d) Any adhesive and/or adhesive remover contains chemicals that should not be consumed, inhaled or come into contact with the eyes. If the chemical does come into contact with the clients’ eyes, the eye should be washed with a medical eye solution and advised to seek urgent medical attention.

(e) If the client suffers an allergic reaction, for example, swelling, redness or itchiness, you should advise the client to discontinue use and consult their doctor immediately.

Training Academy

1. A deposit is required upon booking to secure your place on the course. The deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.

2. Payment for the course should be paid in full prior to the course commencing.

3. All courses require registration with the Beauty Guild. If you do not hold a current full membership, you will be required to register as a student member of the Beauty Guild. Online courses will be allocated and these will need completing prior to the practical course commencing.

4. In some courses, we require case studies to be completed. Following completion and submission of these, your certificate will be issued.